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Default Star Control Super Melee (10)

Star Control Super Melee


Star Control Super Melee (SM) is a totally different game then most found in Warcraft 3. Based off of the old Dos game "Star Control" (all games) and more specifically Ur-Quan masters a open source version available for anyone to play. The game is set into a tournament style competition that allows players to pick a team of ships from a list of 25 extremely interesting and varied ships . From those ships players can pick which ship they want each round. This allows players to pick the right ship for each situation. The only limit to the amount of ships that can be picked is the total strength of the fleet the player picks. Each ship has a set strength based on it's general effectiveness in combat.

Why Did I choose to do this?:
After finding the open-source game almost by pure chance I was intrigued by it's unique, fast-paced, fun game play. Some days i would just spend playing the Super Melee part of the game against computer opponents. The game also had a single player portion but it was almost a game in it's own and currently i am still deciding if it is worth modifying into Wc3.

Applying SM into Wc3 allows me now to share one of my favourite arcade style games with a large crowd of people and finally allow myself to have human opponents. Wc3 also allows me to add more to the game. New ships, different modes, and the tournament style game are all ways that I can take a great game and make it better.

-10 players

-25 unique and fun ships to play with more that can be made easily

-Unique camera scaling effect that makes the game more visually exciting

-Make a fleet of ships to choose from each round

-Smooth and "asteroids-like" style controls

-Interesting physics allows ships to be affected by planet's gravity and be pushed around by asteroids or other ships

-Tournament style competition

-Possibly more modes for more fun

-A.I opponents are under consideration

-Ability for players to save their favourite fleet with a code to load later

-Host can customize different game play elements such as adding rounds or points to the tournament, splitting the players into teams of 2, 3, 4, or any number, changing the fleet strength limit.

Currently the map is only composed of the physics used to make the ships move with a flying unit to test it out.

What needs to be done:
-Models of ships and planets, asteroids, and possibly certain weapons
-Terrain that is being done by 43berries
-Camera System like that used in the original game
-Physics of the planet in the middle of every arena
-All weapons including collisions, physics for missile,graphics, and triggering.
-Asteroid and ship bumping physics
-Everything else :p

If you want to help:
(Thread to be made)

(None yet, terrain is under works)

Map: Movement Test(1).w3x
Map is not protected.

Original Game (Open-Source Version):


2007,October 8th:
-Added MUI Functionality
-More accurately calculates the new direction

2007,October 9th:
-Added save/load code to thread's feature list
-Added host game customization to thread's feature list
-Added scaling camera effect to thread's feature list
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