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What this AI (Computer) does, it is an almost the same thing that should make a standard player, it tries to give him the same functions that there might have a player des this one type inside the game, but since all they know, an AI is never perfect, for this reason, I am trying to ask that they should help me to know if I can improve the functions that I realize with this AI, since his orders are good, probably not, but what I try to know it is like to improve them and likewise to summon functions that allow them to recover better than they do it now. Well, with regard to what they do in if the AI's (Computer) it is apart from what it explains previously, centralizing me in the code, I can expose the functions that I realize this way:

1) I locate a player who is a type "Computer" and give him the order to choose a Hero of the house of random form, since to generate variety with the type of use of the Heroes who exist in this map.

2) After that a player type "Computer" chose a Hero, the function orders him to verify several status of his Hero to control (current Life, current Manna, condition that type handles the Hero, nearby allies, units Hero nearby, nearby Enemies, Enemies' quantity, Ítems who possesses the Hero, Skills that it has learned and Additional not so important).

3) During game-, the computers were recovering a standard role of a normal player (As if the ino was playing against a friend or something like that), apart from this, the computer has An option, which is to learn of his mistakes (This function is not implemented very well), But there defrauds which, trying it a time, it turns out that player the type "Computer" can achieve to have A surprising skill the paragraph to know player (With this function the computer can knows only one player in all the game), and to take advantage of his weaknesses and his advantages impede …

4) There are other functions that allow the Hero decides the side (or lane) to attack, likewise that allow the computer controler verify if it suits to stay figthing or not (this function has a couple of bugs), but already almost this finished.

If you found a bug or can help me in improving (or changing) my functions, i would thank completly.

PD: If you want to know more about this functions, you can check the map with the "WEU"...
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