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Approved Map: S3 Marine Corps

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I'm not really interested in removing something and implementing something completely different. I'm just gonna stick with what I have and improve on it. I have a couple ideas of how to improve the current system, and I should have an updated map ready within the next few hours.

EDIT: I've updated the map. Check it out, although there are a few suggestions on the list I did not implement...

  • Special event messages like the contents of an e-mail, or what a specific item is for should be sent to all players, not only the player who got/used the item. This is very important because otherwise half the people are left in the dark most of the game.
  • Medikits or other means of healing seemed either very, very rare - or non existent. At least for small parties the number of healing/mana regen items should be increased.

Already mentioned it in a previous post. Basically, I wanted it easier for the player to play, not make the difficulty easier. (If you get what I mean)

  • Why do you have 2 forces that are allied in-game? It would make more sense to just ally all 12 teams in-game, and have every slot locked to a team. It is always annoying to find a map where the second force is called “Teams don’t matter lol!1!!” if you get my meaning.

The maximum amount teams you can have is 6. Even if I could make 12 teams, it would probably be shown outside the display area. I looked at 6 teams of 2, 4 teams of 3, and 3 teams of 4. They just didn't look right. On top of that, if I had more than 2 teams, I would still have to label them "Teams don’t matter lol!1!!" or possibly "S3 Marines", creating repetitiveness and overall it would just look wrong. Personally, I would have went with 1 team of 12 players, but you need 2 teams to start a game on Battle.Net.

  • You should update the quest menu with the content of e-mail, the amount of pieces collected, and any discovered missions. It’s annoying when you have 3 missions going on, and you cant remember exactly what you were suppose to do for the second mission.
  • It would help to know when someone is carrying a beacon piece, for instance a start above the units head for each piece in their inventory. This way we know who has a piece and who does not easily.

For this, I decided to just display all the objectives at the start of the game. Sure, it'll lose any curiosity and surprise to what would come next to new players, but when you play the map multiple times, you'll know what to do anyways. As for any "Key Items" collected, again, I want players to communicate to each other and work together. After all, teamwork is a skill used in real life, so why shouldn't it be applied to games? :p In any case, I did put a special effect on each key item in order to make it more noticeable to players who are paying attention. (As opposed to giving away the location of key items to everyone, including those who aren't even trying)

  • The terrain was enormous for 7 players, it was very difficult to cover all that ground in search of an item that looks just like ammo. I would suggest you decrease the playable map area based on the number of players.

When I first beta-tested the map, it felt like the map was too small. I increased it to that size and it felt just right. The trick is to cover as much ground as possible while the enemies are still weak during the first few phases. In single-player or games with 3 or 4 people, there's less monsters so it's be easier for them to cover ground.

With that said, check out the map. I didn't bother changing the version number or filesize on the preview image, so don't be alarmed. Also, if you don't mind, could you save a replay when you try it? It should be easier for me to spot any problems than if you simply posted things in point form. :)
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