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We're getting ready to release something. Not like, within the week, but sooner and sooner as we get stuff done. The reason DoC has taken so long is that we're really not willing to call something finished as long as elements don't look perfect to us. That's why so many units and buildings have gone through, and continue to go through, so many iterations.

I had a dream a few months ago. The Pope was teaching Pope Class in my dining room. We all had Pope uniforms and we were sitting at my dining room table. I was like the Pope Class Clown. I got in a huge fight with the Pope, and he made me fail a test out of spite so I threw a fit, ran upstairs, threw my Pope robes down the stairs at him, ran into my room, fell on my ass into my laundry basket and cried.
After I woke up I was furious with the Pope for about a week.
Then he died.
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