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Few notes:

BoundsRadius: This also has something to do with when to render the model and when not to, im not completely sure what it actually does.
Like Extents they are also related to frustum culling of objects.
InTan & OutTan have something to do with how quickly the animation will go between two frames, editing will also have close to no effect.
They are positions of control points of the Bezier or Hermite. Linear animation isn't using them.
There are 2 types of ParticleEmitters - ParticleEmitter and ParticleEmitter2. Often you see ParticleEmitter2 in effects like fire, water, smoke, abomination's poison cloud etc. ParticleEmitter works like ParticleEmitter2, but uses other model as a particle. You can see this in's Bone Spear (rings are generated by ParticleEmitter)
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