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Originally Posted by Moyack
1. Install wine
2. Insert your WC3 RoC CD
3. through console, access the autorun executable (wine /media/autorun.exe)
4. It will show the installation interface, like in windows
5. Do the same with TFT CD
6. Without starting the game, download the 1.21 patch (for modding) or 1.23 for B-net and run it via console (wine /the/place/where/you/download/it/WC3Patch.exe)
7. Now play your WC3 using -window -opengl options.

Is rather simpler. Requires less term, more UI which is simpler.

I would also like to make coding possible for wc3 in linux, but such a thing seems to be impossible =(

Uhr, no.
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