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Approved Map: Dodge The Wisp Wheels

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Default × Zombies Vs. Jesus ×

Zoom (requires log in)

× Zombies vs. Jesus ×
spawn, seek, kill, repeat

Quick intro

God powers + zombies + Jesus = Fun.

Slay hordes of zombies in this arcade-style minigame using your wits, quick trigger fingers and a wide range of cool abilities.

So what is this?

This is Zombies vs. Jesus and it is somewhat of a arcade-style minigame map based around a simple yet entertaining concept. So what is that concept you ask? Well let me tell you my good man! In ZvJ you can play with up to 4 players in total, each controlling your own “god”. The gameplay is based around you not actually having a specific unit, but instead being this godly presence that have a wide range of abilities to use anywhere you like. These abilities you then use to kill the ever spawning zombies and monsters who has one goal and one goal only; kill Jesus. Your job as a god is then to protect Jesus from getting killed and eaten by the zombies.

When killing zombies you then gain experience, which you can use to level up your abilities or gain new ones, so there's something in it for being the best zombie squasher. The game is divided up in waves, which then increase in difficulty while adding new monsters and challenges as the game progresses such as boss waves.

Current development

Alpha (playable, unreleased)

What is being done?
Currently the terrain are being finished, while work on spells has also begun.

What we need from YOU!
Ideas! Especially ideas for awesome spells. What would you like to slay/slow/stop a zombie with?


A few very early shots of the map...

Zoom (requires log in)

Zoom (requires log in)

Zoom (requires log in)


Map by
Linaze & ragingspeedhorn

Models, Textures & Effects by
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