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Default Ohh You mean....

Originally Posted by Flame_Phoenix

OMG, I have a question, what changes did you made to make the player able to select Blood Elf race ???
I really want to know please ...

The place where you select colour, team and race? You change that in Advanced>Gameplay Interface under
General Text - 'Human' : change Human to Blood Elf
General Text - 'Human' : change Human to Blood Elf:
Remember the " : " after the last one :)
You might also wanna change the score screen icon. You do this under
Icon - Score Screen Player (Human) just change the path to UI\Glues\ScoreScreen\scorescreen-player-bloodelf.blp
Looking for testers
I'm currently working on a Blood Elf melee map. Humans have been replaced with Blood Elf with an entire new techtree. I need testers to come with feedback so I can improve it. Download the map from here
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