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Originally Posted by Anitarf
As for the spell, TimedXefx is still an issue. It hasn't yet gone through our review process yet so you can't use it in a spell you submit here. Since it's such a simple library, I'll review it right now: The struct data is useless, you could have just as well attached the xefx to the timer directly. The end result is such a short code that you could just as well inline it into the spell entirely and thus avoid me telling you again that you can't use it.

Right'o, I'll optimize the library. Should I submit it as another resource instead, might come in handy for those who want to use xefx but are stuck with TimedEffects, or maybe should I just tack in the code with moyack's TimedEffects thread?

Again, I'm sorry if this bothers you, but I kinda disagree with inlining it. What if someone wants to use two variations of it? Even though inlining only takes up very few lines, it is still redundant code, and I might as well just use a library for added modularity.
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