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Very nice, I've also worked on a similar project such as this, but I just kinda left it in the dust due to uninterest but with what I see here, you seem to know what your doing and you have a PASSION for it, which is the thing that I lost and discontinued my project.

If you want I can help you in the map, since your terrain is pretty dull, and boring. My terrain skills have always been more sufficient than anything else in map making. But I can help you out on the map with ideas and features that'll spice it up.

The size of the map is 256x256 right? Because if it is you might want to start over and make it to 480x480 since the DBZ World is just TOO BIG to be in 256x256, either that or you'd have to resize the units so that their smaller than anything else. Also how are your triggering skills? How would you rate them from 1 to 10? But your doing a pretty well job right now, nothing that'll blow anyone away but still its a good start. Keep it up!

Heres some pics of my map DBZ: Evolution

Also do you have AIM I'd like to talk to you
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