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Originally Posted by Rising_Dusk
You also failed to color inside the bloody borders!
All icons were colored inside the borders, they may not look it because many are close to the border.

None of the icons have any form of shading,
I got nothin' to say to that, I have no freakin' idea HOW to.

Seriously, draw big, scale down to 64x64,
I go the other way around. Start with a 64x64 with the borders, then scale it upwards 400% and work, so I can see everything I'm doing right up close. I'm not stupid enough to work on a 64x64 canvas, that's just plain madness. But if starting with something bigger and working downwards is better, then I'm all for it.
EDIT: I just tried working on a 320x320, to be sized down, and it was actually a crapload less detailed then a 64x64 magnified 400%.

Oh, and all 3 of those icons are older, I've changed all of them somehow at some point. I'll update them later tonight when I can.
The Spell Request Thread
Originally Posted by Joe-Black-5
a dota like map but with unique stuff
(There was no map attached, and that was all the thread said.)
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