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Originally Posted by Rising_Dusk
No need, SetUnitPosition functionally blocks all external commands. It works like a pause without removing the unit's command card, which is a big plus.
That's what I get for not actually testing the map, eh?
Originally Posted by Rising_Dusk
It's tough to say that for all users, though. I know a few people myself who use wrappers to put things into degrees so they can then be used in conjunction with SetUnitFacing (Which takes degrees as an argument).
Meh; it's a moot point anyway.
Originally Posted by Rising_Dusk
Nope, it doesn't. It functions the same way as vector addition of two velocity vectors. One is pointed in the direction of the first KB call, the next in the direction of the second one. Each has individual magnitudes, cleans up accordingly, and works perfectly. Even the Stop works, since it clears all instances where the unit exists as a target. (That means it stops multiple vector knockbacks if they exist)
I understand how they would add... I just really didn't think about it. If you really wanted to make this system perfect I would say to consolidate all knockbacks on any one unit at any time to a single knockback, so that way the system does less work. Not exactly a requirement, though.
Originally Posted by Moyack
One question: why you stop the timer when there's no units to move? to improve performance??? that's not necessary, and you save code. Even better, you can replace (optionally) the timer with a periodic trigger.
No, it's good that he does it the way he does. You don't want a fast timer like that running when you don't need it.

On that note, I shall approve this! One question though: how did you update your post without the "last edited by" message? Special Admin edits?
Originally posted by Rising_Dusk
Your spells are mostly ignored because they are not very cool so we aren't very excited to review/approve them, but you are incredibly persistent and won't give us an excuse to graveyard it. That is generally what results in a resource being ignored for a long time.

The Spell Request Thread Done for, unless someone else wants to revive it...
It lasted a damn long time.

Please; Ask for Help Appropriately

Originally posted by Kyrbi0
Huh. Almost makes me wish I had a girlfriend, to take advantage of today (wait, no, that's not what I meant... I mean, take advantage of the fact that it is international women's day... gah, never mind).
Originally posted by Pyrogasm
Rome may not have been built in a day, but the Romans sure as hell didn't say "look at this great city we built guys!" when they had nothing more than a bit of stone and some cottages.
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