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The campaign was good over all and there arnt very many finished campaigns out there that are acculy playable and interesting. This one was interesting and sort of playable. There was many good things in this campaign. In general the models fit in well and were all of good quality. The air ship was a very good example of this and was pretty cool even though it looked like u just gave it a bunch of atatchment points and put stuff on. The story was fine but the whole "Arch bad guy comes back" is way over used. The terrain was also good. Now for the bad things or the things i didnt like:

The maps were far far to hard. I couldnt even complete the first level (granted i didnt try very long). I would get killed by any creep groups with more then 8-10 units in them, especialy if they had a green demoness, and i couldnt beat the first (i think its first, the middile one with no boss any way) encampment and ended up having to leave my guys out side and run around with Alisia inside trying to burn all hte buildings down and i still coudlnt do that after 3 or 4 trys. I then saw dead ppl and was amazed at the amount of enemys and how strong they were. There definatly needs to be a difficulty setting or decrease the amount of enemy units/make it so you can get more. That was the other problem, you couldnt get very many units at the beggingin and either you couldnt get or couldnt get very many later on. As far as i can tell there are 3 1/2 -4 1/2 beatablt levels, those being, the villager rescure level, which i beat with 2-3 mintues to spare and 10 or so villagers to spare, the DotA level which you didnt have to do any thing on, but i attacked and got killed by a tower, maybe the cave level, and half the fortress attack level.

The thing that really really anoyed me the most about the models was Alisia's portarit's cheeks, they were round and shiny and didnt fit the rest of her at all. They made her look kinda chuby and like an 8 yr old. Another model that didnt really fit was the green demoness one, it didnt seem very "orchish". The skin was fine but the model didnt really match.

The abilitys werent very good, all but one that i rember were normal and entierly non-custom. The only custom one was the "lock-on" or somthing ability and all that happened with that is u decreased the number of targets, changed the damage (i think), the projectile, and the icon, and i think you used a skin for the icon. While thats not the end of the world and ive seen much worse before, it didnt look very good but at least you didnt use active buttons for pasive abilitys. The abilitys also tended not the fit the carachter and were to weak for the enemys you had to fight, this was especialy noticeable with Tau. While im on her, id like to mention that her "bladestorn" was aful, i dont know if its becaseu she dosnt have any attachmetn points or what, but ud use it and nothing would seem to happen. Ud have to check the enemys health to see if it did any thing and it was afully weak. The fact that abilitys only went up to level 3 didnt help either because it ment that you could never get them powerful enough to be able to do any more then moderate damage.

I noticed a few bugs, one of which really ruined the flying level. Every time i retryed i'd get in a bit and to some point (it wasnt the same point) and id do something (it may have been trying to attack when i thought i wasnt moving) and suddenly Alisia would turn around and fly back to the start and all i could do was make her turn a bit. There were some others but i dont rember them.

There was some other stuff but i cant think of it now. i might post it later if i think of it but ill probably end up being to lazy to.
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