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Name:	Oinker.PNG
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ID:	14291Oinkerwinkle's MDL Tools
Overview: Oinkerwinkle’s MDL editing tools were first released as a single group back in May of 2004. Ever since their debut they have been the tool of choice for many MDL editors, including myself. This thread is a backup of the tools hosted on Oinkerwinkle’s official site so that we will always have the tools available. These tools are supported in our MDL Editing Forum, and as such any problems other than error messages should be brought there. Enjoy.

  • Vertex Modifier
  • Extended Primitives
  • Animation Transfer
  • Geoset Merger
  • Geoset Translation
  • ObjectId Inserter
  • Particle Emitter Creator
  • Key Redistributer
  • Heading Generator
  • MDL Finalizer
  • Warshape
Author: Oinkerwinkle


Tool List:
Vertex ModifierManipulates models at the vertex level, providing a model editing option for people without a modeling
Extended PrimitivesMore base models to start modeling from scratch from or add on to an existing model. By Blinkboy and
Animation TransferAutomates the animation transfer process. Transfers entire or single animation
Geoset MergerDoes the MDL editing step of geoset
Geoset TranslationMoves, rotates, and scales entire
ObjectId InserterShifts ObjectIds and associated Parents to accomodate new
Particle Emitter CreatorAutomates the process of adding particle emitters, allowing control of visibility, color, speed, and
Key RedistributerRedistributes a set of keys from one sequence to another. This can be useful for animating newly-added
Heading GeneratorCreates new headings, intended for headingless MDLs exported from
MDL FinalizerFixes the normals of and adds a heading to MDLs exported from
WarshapeSimple MDL scratch animation program. This tool is NOT complete and is unstable. Need Help?
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