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True, but game constants are a hassle to sort through. Also, this gives you more control and better handling.

Lemme ask you. Which would you rather do? Sort through all of Blizzard's hero experience constants and change each and every one to your needs, or change ~4 values in a couple keystrokes? If you read, you'd also know it's reversable, so you can go make it like Blizzard's system, but with more control.

PipeDream, I have rewhatevered my system, it's more optimized now. The initial function (the action for the core) was there because of an earlier method I was using, before I discovered it could be changed. The code is now fixed and ready for another review. Thanks =D
The Spell Request Thread
Originally Posted by Joe-Black-5
a dota like map but with unique stuff
(There was no map attached, and that was all the thread said.)
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