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Wow, you certainly put alot of hard work into this ver :p
I do hope you continue updating it & its truly beginning to approach the epic status.

The greatest change I think is the items, just by glancing over them there seems to alot more potential & there all very very useful now.
Alot of item builds have now opened up.

The updated skins are fantastic, the new Arro Kree one is simply amazing & my favourite.

The new Heroes looks very interesting, I really like the way you cleverly mixed in some blizz skills with conditions, such as the Cleave ability.
Oh btw what happened to that chain/bouncing Life Syphon you was talking about? :p


A few bugs have appeared thou.

I was bane but The vision went to Order & few others complained as well.

Andriejj has commented on a game crash.
According to him Kassar is what causes it.


A few critiques/questions, although I've only played it once so far.

- Both hero kills and assists now give players only 1 faction
I assume your encouraging team work, but 3 guys killing someone gaining more than 1 guy killing someone, does sound a little strange?
Perhaps 2 for solo, 1 if shared?

- Hero revive times are now 30 seconds at all levels
Woa, this seems like a heavy penalty for low level Heroes & especially new players.
Won't this lead to a level 1 Hero dieing falling terribly behind in experience, gold etc.?

Thats all for now, with some more games I'll give better feedback.
Keep uo the good work Dusk, this map serves as a great inspiration to us all, of what a vision & hard work can achieve!
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