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Well, I've had this 1.8 update sitting around on my harddisk for a while already.
This + the fix for cohadar's problem = release.


- Fixed trouble with linebreaks in interface strings (cohadar)
- Fixed a problem where buffs could be erased although they were needed, eg. Unholy Frenzy buff (Dark One)
- Added detailed instructions and a tool to obtain the proper input files
- Fixed a bug in the w3i parser that could cause an out of memory exception
- Cooldown group references are not followed any more (Icefrog)
- Fixed a problem with resolving references for abilities with less than 4 levels (Icefrog)
- Added reference tracing option to help resolve the reason why apparently unused objects do not get removed (Icefrog)

Regarding the reference tracing: Check out the ReferenceLog.txt in the output folder to find out why objects didn't get removed, although you think they're not needed.
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