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Approved Map: PiratesSpell making session 3 winner


I don't have time to read everything, I need written proof from the original creator of this map that you have permission to edit it. If I do not get it then I am sorry but this cannot be reviewed.


The following transcript has been sent to me and I verify its authenticity until proven otherwise. It constitutes and permits Karawasa to edit and modify this map with MrChak's consent. It is to be considered of course that indeed much of this map was made by MrChak, and approval should be based on both the original map but largely on the improvements made. All concerns related to the matter of permission should be brought to me or Karawasa directly through PM.

Hi there.
I saw on a forum that you have been working on Element TD, building off version 2.0
I'm very happy to see you are really into the map. I'm Brian aka mrchak, the guy who authored the map in the first place.
I'm wondering if I could find out about what you are doing currently to it, to be sortof kept 'in the loop'.

After version 2.0 I sortof lost steam as far as updating, balancing etc. It's a massive undertaking, considering all the combinations and towers and so forth. the latest version I have ever played has been 2.0, the one I made, since I though a lot of the things other people did to change the game made it worse - however, from what you were saying in the forum it seems like you know what you are doing and you are trying to make it good, not just hacked.

Anyway, look forward to your reply
Brian (aka mrchak)
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