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Originally Posted by PitzerMike
It seems the links are down again.
God, I wish I had the latest version of the files restored back then. They offered to restore the repo for like 200 € but I didn't have the cash at the time. :(
I'll check if they still have a backup. Maybe we're luky.
Otherwise I'll upload the older version somewhere.

Links are down again?
Link from Moyack from post #1 & #6 is, but yours from post #5 still works...

Believe it or not, but I also tried to contact the holder of the repo at:
Sadly they didn't reply to my mail, but hopefully you are more lucky?!
By the way, I got that link to your repo from this thread from last post #15:

And about costs: I would really like to participate! Just tell, I have no problem in sending you 200 €, really! Already sent money to other projects like the XCOM 2 coop one, but thats another topic ;D
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