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looked into ObjectMerger source code that's offered here to see what's missing in comparison to current ObjectMerger.exe from JNGP. sadly it seems that big parts are missing. LUA isn't supported for example. reason for reading the source is a bug of current ObjectMerger.exe with generating: //! external ObjectMerger w3u hpea 1d1A uaen 0. here is a longer post of mine i made for work of reference for inner workings of JassHelper & ObjectMerger (post #27 from EdwardElric):
so, best way to fix this, seems to keep current ObjectMerger.exe & write an own tool, added to: "...\JNGP\jasshelper.conf" under section: "[externaltools]".

finally, i was able to publish such a tool, here's the link:
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