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Originally Posted by BBQ
I don't see why anyone would use this over AutoIndex or any other decent indexer.
  1. GetUnitIndex() is .
  2. No modules for structs.
  3. Periodic recycling.
  4. The PUI_PROPERTY cannot be used in conjunction with a Zinc script.
Yes, AutoIndex can use some improvements, but this is definitely not the thing anyone would be looking for.

1. not indexing every unit > not inline-friendly

2. No functionality to detect when a unit enters or leaves the map.
There exists a standard unit-enters-map event no?
And unit-leaves-map is not really a unit event but an index event.

3 No modules for structs.
version 5.3 had support for structs but than I realized I never used it so I removed it.

4. Periodic recycling
How is this worse than adding a defend ability to every unit, and processing all unit-enters-map events and catching all undefend orders?

5. Zinc? What is that? Oh wait, another thing Vexorian made that is used by 0.000001% of mapmakers.

PUI was the first indexing system ever created, the concept did not exist before it.
It is simple,it does the job and has been used in maps. (Still used in EleTD as far as I know)

I don't care if anyone uses it, I want it approved on general principle.
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