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Blizzard named it JASS2. Rumors say it stands for "Just Another Scripting System" but that's just a rumor, no one knows for sure.
The 2 is rumored to come from the fact that there was another thing called JASS that was different.
Oh noes, blizzard is trying to create JASS2.

I named the other one vJass. Why? Well, it is a long story, officialy v stands for very, I think.
Vexorian JASS I guess.

Checked the plugins section, there is a text autocomplete plugin that is smart and autocompletes based on things already on the file, so in the long run it makes things faster. There are also many things in there, looking for one that would add markers to lines that were modified...
Plugins could be better. Most are for Java and C++.

There is a plugin called whitespace that will add cute lines to your identation, makes things easier to find...
It sometimes bugs, I've tested it.
edit: oh, and I have updated it, added highlight for then, initializer, scope and endscope ...
Trying to find more unhighlighted stuff. Prepare for it.

Edit: Syntax heighlighting for constants please, such as EFFECT_TYPE_LIGHTNING.

agent is not highlighted.
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