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Originally Posted by Rising_Dusk
You should prefix the error message with the debug keyword so that users can choose if they want it to appear or not.

I don't think that all error messages should necessarily be debug. My rule is: if there's any valid reason they could encounter the error message when using the library correctly, it should be debug so it doesn't disrupt gameplay. In this case, getting an error message means you really screwed it up, so debug would just be a way to help the user not notice that. Let me know if you disagree.

Originally Posted by Anitarf
Wait, can you call it before the init function runs? Without function interfaces at least? Any library that requires this one would get initialised after it.

You can do it by calling the function from a struct's onInit method. Vex might add other ways to do things "before init" later on.

Originally Posted by Vexorian
I don't get why you set a TimedLife AND use a timer. The name will conflict with CS.

Typo from when I was checking emjlr3's suggestion, fixed it. About the name conflict, I am not sure what to do.

Pros of leaving it alone:
1.) PreloadAbility is a pretty specific function name, changing it would be lame.
2.) The user won't need this library if they have CS in their map.
3.) CS does not seem to be be used often anymore.

1.) If they need both CS and a library that requires this, they would have to delete this library and make things not require it.

I am leaning toward leaving it alone.
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