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Originally Posted by WNxCryptic
If you're trying to duplicate a pre-existing damage, why not call the damage that already exists?
because the effect change is one side connection... you can set the effect, but once set you can't turn it off

btw vex, some tiny suggestion again:

Collapse JASS:
    method castInPoint takes real x, real y returns boolean
     local unit dummy
     local boolean b
        //! runtextmacro xecast_allocdummy()
        if (.customsource) then
            call SetUnitFlyHeight(dummy,.sourcez,0.0)
        call SetUnitX(dummy, x)
        call SetUnitY(dummy, y)
        set b = IssueImmediateOrderById(dummy,this.oid)
        //! runtextmacro xecast_deallocdummy()
        if(.autodestroy ) then
            call this.destroy()
     return b
sometimes we need to detect is the spell successfully casted, thus i was thinking of returning the order boolean would be a nice idea :)
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