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you're going to make a xedamage module right? can u make the intuitive damage system by Rising_Dusk supported by xedamage?

like we can freely use our created damage type from the damage system in the xedamage module

lets say i created a damage type in intuitive damage system DAMAGE_TYPE_WAAAKS then theres a function in xedamage where i will set the damage types including my custom damage type call d.damageType(ATTACK_TYPE_NORMAL, DAMAGE_TYPE_WAAAKS) now with the d.damageType created, the system will now use my custom damage type created (DAMAGE_TYPE_WAAAKS)

i dont know if it can be done, or u just dont like implementing it, but intuitive damage system is really a great system, and really useful for triggered spells, especially those maps that uses element types, where Water > Fire > Earth > Water style maps
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