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Default DamageEvent & DamageModifiers

This is a compilation of libraries intended to replace the damage detection and prevention engine ADamage. Originally, this was intended to be merely the next version of ADamage, but some conceptual changes such as moving from damage prevention to more general damage modification made it difficult to maintain backwards compatibility, so I decided to make it a new resource instead which could provide a more general, robust and modular damage detection and modification framework than ADamage. Also, I know some people will like that fact that I gave it a new name.

The resource is split into two libraries:
  • DamageEvent, a damage detection engine.

    If you are already using another damage detection system in your map, DamageEvent will interface with it instead of creating its own damage detection triggers to avoid wasting performance. Currently supported damage detection systems are IDDS and LLDD.
    Expand DamageEvent:

  • DamageModifiers, an optional addon that allows you to modify damage.

    Two versions of DamageModifiers are provided, one that uses Table and one that uses AutoIndex.
    DamageModifiers can use either xepreload or AbilityPreload to preload the ability it uses.
    Expand DamageModifiers (Table version):
    Expand DamageModifiers (AutoIndex version):
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