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Hey...I've played maps that have used this program before such as FF Open RPG. Being a map maker and your creation of this map making breakthrough, I decided to look around and download it. I finally found the link and it doesnt work. I tried everything. Is your site just down temporarily? If it's not, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you attached it to an e-mail and sent it to within the next 24 hours or give me a mirror link that works. Thanks! =P I'm hoping to include it in my new version of Dead Lands, a map very similiar to Resident Evil and NOTLD. Tiggermcat, if you can get it to me personally, I would credit to you and make a little cinematic in honor.

By the way, is this program not certified with the people over at Blizzard? I looked up a few replies and read that whoever was caught with this program will be punished by having there account banned or something like that. I also heard some map makers talking about it on BNET. Is this true? I'm going to try and find out personally and I will try to make a post. Just wondering. Thanks again! -v3x
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