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Originally Posted by Karawasa
I totally agree that when Naga leave, you are fucked. A team of 2 Naga have no chance versus like 6+ fish, provided the fish are decent.

I also agree that being Naga has some sort of stigma to it. Its because Tags in general have in common the fact that hunters are usually boring. People don't know that in this game they can use insane stuff like Fish Hook or Blink Dagger.

How to alleviate this problem, is something I am unsure of.

Btw, I am introducing a third mode. This mode is called short mode. It makes the game 15 min long, doubles all gold income, doubles xp for Naga and halves Fish structure hp. Hopefully this will help for the Naga without patience.

That thrid mode sounds crazy hehe.

And yes, all games i have joined public naga team members leave. I do see this map hosted somtimes, and if its the updated verson i join and hope the naga players dont leave TT

Yeah i also see your view on impatent naga players. To play hunter you do need patence. Alot of the hiders taunt alot, which totaly ticks some players off....its kinda funny they actualy listen to that nonsence. They try it on me but they dont get too far lol xD they called me meduca bitch, taunting me cause i was actualy killing fish and there like all ticked off about it wtf xD
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