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To Dusk:

I would rather, as a user, have control at the unit level than at the unittype level.
You got me wrong. You should be able to handle it on unit level too, but maybe the user doesn't want to just set all the data for every single unit, so you can add a small (optional) addon (module) to store stuff in tables and just set the unit data on entering the playable map area to the data you saved to be basic for any unit of that type?

No DDS supports negative damage, nor should they. If you want to heal a unit, negative damage is not the way to do it.
Is there any other way as doing an triggered heal that has a damagetype/weapontype? I for example use it (native UnitDamageTarget) to heal units too. That allows me to even block heals from units.

to Anitarf:

I wouldn't. How am I supposed to make a buff that modifies incoming damage if I can't apply it to a specific unit?
Please read the first answer to Rising_Dusk.

I just did.
Its not looking as helping anyone who got questions, really.

Okay, I'll fix it when you manage to produce a negative damage event.
Collapse JASS:
native UnitDamageTarget             takes unit whichUnit, widget target, real amount, boolean attack, boolean ranged, attacktype attackType, damagetype damageType, weapontype weaponType returns boolean

There is a difference between a struct with a public prefix and a struct without one. There is no such diference when it comes to struct methods.
Which different? I didn't heard of any. (Wanna learn! :))

My point was that I don't care, the documentation clearly states that I do not intend to provide any further support for that library, this includes answering your vague questions about it.
If you don't care about users to get to know to your system who need help in your stuff, how can you submit it then? Its a insolence to provide such advanced stuff without further help.

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