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Originally Posted by Ignitedstar
This is the thing that stood out to me the most. It's exactly why this rendition of BonusMod is awesome. Now I can have ~8000 bonus health and not have to do the same thing for everything else. Thank you, Earth-Fury!
if you mean maximum health, you'll hopefully be able to have an arbitrary health bonus. And mana bonus. If I can get it to work right... (It's basically a whole different thing jammed in to the same interface as the rest of it, which is why the other part of what you quoted is also awesome.)

Originally Posted by Ignitedstar
Other than that, from I take, calling setbonus is no different from the old BonusMod, right?
Well, different naming convention for one.

Also, the old one returned a boolean, and failed if you tried to set something above/below the maximum. This one returns an integer which tells you the ACTUAL new bonus the unit got, and will simply give the min/max bonus if you go over/under. (And toss a warning if compiled in debug mode.)

In short: Basically, yeah. Barring the shit I'm sure no one ever used, they are identical.
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