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8191 limit.
lol... i could repeat tons of your words to disprove this one.

* Extra code, arrays and overhead if you want to go above.
displayed code... after preproccesing it will become X times larger.

Uses 4x more memory.

the sense is what you make simple things overcomplicated. it's like to store all playercolor tags in 1 string and to get the needed on with SubString (or something similar)

in fact such stuff is degradation of coding. OFC for you not, but for those who use it =) // it's much like the vJass concept.

if you like speed
well if i create a spell for dynamic coloring of units i need to begin to worry about speed =)

the feature is what map (playable) contains of alot simple parts but together they take some performance. so you need to watch what are you doing.

ofc in "static" aplications speed is not really essential.

and one thing...

Collapse JASS:
set a=0xff
set r=0xff
set g=0x00
set b=0x00
it'a all about the perspective of vision =)
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