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Originally Posted by DeaD_MeN_WalkiN
Well God knows why I spam, And I ment how the actual project started untill now.

Yep I didn't bother reading the Faq again to find out 2 questions :P

Read the faq or don't post in this thread you lazy bum:P Well it started out with an idea for a project that AgentSmith had. He recruited a few people, and for awhile we were one of the projects in the project section here at wc3c. Atfirst we started out small a.k.a less new units, smaller campaign, ect. Then we got hosted at the hubb, and started to prosper. The summer a year ago I got addicted to WoW and we kinda died-off. I than resurrected the project near the end of the summer, and we resumed progress. With the addition of new people the project's ambitions rose, the campaigns were re-written by Frostigt, and the custom stuff increased. We continued to prosper until the hubb was down for awhile, and than the hubb continued on at the sad state it is now. For a long time we were the only posts at the hubb, and progress continued. Finally when we were sick of no people visiting the hubb and hence our project we decided to move, and came here. You know the rest

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