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well looks interesting!
well looks awesome ^^

so 1 year ago i have understand what to stick together a map out of custom (different) systems is a full crap. =\ cause they are not beloning together thats the problem ! what i mean ? 100% it's a best system for YOU. and it's right so. but it's not the point the feature is what someone can learn from your sys and made own one. for example i got also a buff sys it's very similar to this one ^^ (but not the code it self) and i made it more than a 6 months ago.
something about system.

i don't like the peredical event =\ it's awesome lame. in 2 ways.
1) you could symple use a new separate timer.
2) ok you are optimization junkie ^^ you use a single timer. BUT the events are launching every event tick =\ whats suxx. you could simple add counter to the buff.

the rest is ok but with some "BUT"s

Best JASS ever.
not really see the generated jass code <_<
it maybe the best vJass code =)

Custom systems rocks ! may Tiesto be with you ! xD

~approved =)
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