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Default Warcraft Role Playing Game

Warcraft Role Playing Game

Hello everybody,

I'm currently working on my final Warcraft project, called Warcraft Role Playing Game (Warcraft RPG). I have begun this project approximally 5-6 weeks ago and in those weeks I have made quiet some progress on it.

The game is simple but effective: you start a Hero from either the Horde or Alliance faction, pick your class and start leveling! Finish quests, gather items, kill bosses, fight enemy players etc.

The location of the map is Ashenvale forest and the map size is 160 x 160.
Though that is small for an RPG, I did this on perpause for two basic reasons:
  • A bigger map asks alot of terrain, which means it will get less detailed in most cases.
  • A bigger map makes it borring with the interaction between players in my oppinion, a smaller map means more interaction and more fun.

Ingame Footage

Done/To do List

Terrain - 100/100

Characters (with abilities)
Rogue - 100/100
Shaman - 50/100
Priest - 10/100
Warrior - 10/100
Paladin - 0/100
Warlock - 0/100

Cinematic Intro - 100/100
Weather system - 100/100
Creep Spawn JASS script - 100/100
Hero Spawn System - 100/100
Quests - 0/100
Loot system - 0/100

External sources and models used:

Undead Rogue (male), Nasrudin,

Night Elf Priest (female), Nasrudin,

Blood Elf Warrior (male), General_Frank,

Ashenvale Archway, Dealin,

Currently this is all I can currently think of that you should know, if there are things that you'd like to know, then you can freely post. In case I think of something new and interesting to put in the topic I'll notice you in the reserved second post.

Yours sincerely,

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