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ok. I've noticed that with the witch. you use up a lot of mana, especially when you've just got hit by feedback towers, it'll take about 3 minutes of not using spells to get it back. Is there anyway to increase mana faster?

Secondly, I find that with frogs in the game, it would be helpful if instead of destroying any wards you make past the fourth. you would destroy the first ward made. this would make wards more useful and stop nagas without reveal from having to buy so many flares.

BTW, as far as naga go, i have yet to lose a game with the revenant (but thats mostly cause people dont expect it, and usually play with my friend whose also quite good). i find the game requires a good balance of revenants and one of the two nagas that can reveal. the sea giant is mostly for bashing down buildings quickly, which is never a good stragedy in any tag game to constantly attack buildings. (though it does provide good income)

oh ya come to think of it with the revenant comment, i havent lost a naga game period except for one when the 3rd naga left and it was me as witch and an unexperienced crusher against 7-8 fish. (and my speakers were unplugged with the cord tangled up somewhere in a bunch of other cords, and not having sound drives me crazy)
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