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Start off each Fish with a certain amount of food, say 150. Every second the Fish lose 1 food. When food reaches 0 they die. Every 5 seconds or so a food pickup is spawned for each fish. This pickup adds lets say 30 food.

Now, what this would do is force fish to move around a little. They can still mass a base etc. but have to occasionally leave it to get food.

I was thinking of implementing it as a 'Mode,' and testing it out before actually putting it into the main game.

That is an interesting idea, i would make it a mode first and test it out with the public first before desiding anything

As for naga leavers, its like that for all tags with the hunter roll. Totaly ruins a game, like leavers in anygame

I too dunno what to suggest, mabie a dialog poping up to point out the shops with a ping, or tips in the quest menu on naga and fish stragegies. But then again, people dont read ><

I have made a tag map years ago, and I ran into similar issues. The hunters get fed up or just dunno what to do and leave, but if there totaly owning there a happy hunter. People like to win the easy way or somthing =/

Gotta love the general bnet croud *sarcasm*

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