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Hi, I'm part of the external non-map developement team. Partly has been playing the game for 2 months now. I swear if it wasn't the community and the seriousness of the details put into the game to mimic a real marine I wouldn't have been playing it since day one.

In fact the game is almost 90% real other than, it's just a game, I'd say it's a game for those who pursue to experience virtually as real as possible they can get to a real life Marine in the field through playing Warcraft III.

But then again it's not a game for those who only see it as a 'typical-custom-warcraft3-map' where you look like you god-mode all the way and is made for you to win and gain nothing out of it. After 2 months, I still have so many to learn from the game just by one character itself. Imagine all the trainings real marines went through during their training camps. If you take away all these, you took away the soul of the game.

At first play, I thought the game dosen't require me to do anything. I talked to Azazel_ in the forum about this as well as watching about real life movies. Just like Marines behind enemy's line, each of them has their own specific role and is up to us warcraft3 players to find out ourselves and thus educating the players about roles of each different units. The units mimics these marines so much you probably can 'google' about it's purpose. Marines are not told what to do and how to do their chores, they do what they are here to do.

If you do happen to watch any Military movies, you would know it existed as well in NotD: Aftermath.

Personally, If you are still a Private, we don't care who you are until you blow some head off!

If players do not recognise the above, good game for ya~
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