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Originally Posted by Anitarf
I think a far bigger challenge than getting it to work in WC3 would be to produce the track and bank files in the first place. If you wanted to use a minimal number of instruments, you'd need to write the tracks yourself, anything you can get off the internet just wouldn't work since different tracks can use different instruments, so even if you find tracks that individually don't use many instruments in the end you can still end up with a huge bank if you want to support all of them.

But who knows, maybe iNfraNe would like the challenge of writing some SW inspired music. ;)
Like I said: making a soundbank that sounds even close to real instruments is far beyond the mapsizelimit. Thus sticking with an "undressed" version of the normal database is probably best. Furthermore: making a less instruments version of a midi song is probably fairly simple, unless the arrangement isn't quite up for it.

But: is this worth the effort? I highly doubt it. It won't sound much better I think.
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