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Default 0.10s discussion

I found it to be annoying reading trough 1 thread. So I guess this would be a good idea to keep things clean (instead of people talking about game related stuff in a thread about the livelyness (is this a word?) of this map).

Level1: wtf no more mana burn. I think removing mana burn is good... however. The MOOOOOOOOOVE should be nerfed dramatically together. I know he is really easy to beat but its no fun to keep dying and letting 1 guy run around. Either shorten the duration, or make him not invulnerable.
A hero level limit is good.

Level2: impossible? :) We killed the big boss once, but ofcourse were unable to kill him within 15 seconds. After he revived there were soooooo many bashing skelletons around (which walk waay faster than the heroes now?) that it was really not possible to kill him. Not having him take over summons is good.

Cant talk about further levels cus lvl2 is impossible xD
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