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Well I have to say that this is pretty sweet. I've spent some time looking into this system and am pretty pumped about it. The possibilities are pretty much astounding. I got a lot of ideas that were never before possible but are now... But I have a few questions (probably the same as others)

How practical is this on heavy action maps? Can it support 50 units with multiple buffs/debuffs, 100? 500?

Is it feasible to use this system with auras? Example: TriggerRegisterUnitInRange on a unit with an action of ABuffApply with duration 0, where the ABuff has a periodic event to check the range of the target with the caster.

Whats the bottleneck of the system? I can easily change the implementation of GetUnitABuffData to use Get/SetUnitUserData, would this increase performance (by drastically reducing gamecache usage)?

Any tips for implementing ABuff's with some sort of Orb Effect Detection engine?

And regarding your mini Stun System, does it interact well with other non-ABuff related stuns?

Whats the A stand for?
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