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Originally Posted by SeruK
I would vote for Andriejj's but is too vulnerable to the west. Then again the others are not better... I think I'll just go for Andriejj anyway.
Well, that's intentional. Maybe there should be cliffs side of that road, on some short distance in the city, so you can place archers there, so the enemy has to go around or can't reach them, if you block the road with melee. Also, with the current proportion of the whole city to the castle hill, the castle would have to be very big. But I'm sure Archian would adjust that all ;)

I must say I like Szythe's idea. A castle where you move in half-circles. It just lacks in geommetry, I didn't see Archian making a wall with custom pathing and angle other than multiples of 45 degrees. The dock looks pretty too.
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