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Your tooltips are incorrect, by the way.
Will change this asap.

It's still ugly code
Just to make sure, you say that because of the function periodic thing correct ?


Spell was updated, tooltips are now correct.
I am going to be as honest as I can be now... Truth is that I look at this spell almost as defeat. I know that Anitarf felt quite forced to approve this, I am definitely not proud of it. Sometimes I just can't have it all I guess. On the other hand, I can now move with my life to a new stage and submit more spells to the community, better spells I hope.

I will start by the seal spell, I will fix stuff Pyro asked and re-submit it. After that I have a channel spell in mind that I hope people like. And I don't feel inclined to make all things with only 1 timer so far.
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