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The A.I seemed to only pick the beat game, it was the last game played so maybe it is a bug?

The beat i think then should have some major redo, it feels very... Idk, boring and hard to understand and hard to do. I mean you need some way to tell what the beat is. The big z hoping up and down doesn't really do it.

There is also one big problem, as someone else stated, most games have very little information on how it is done. The result is that newbies can get frustrated quickly. Trying adding more information, like the archery game, the clockwork game, the felhounds game, and a few more i don't remember.

In regards to the mystery box game, I think it is an example of the kinds of games i didn't want to see in the second version. Basically players can die based off of pure randomness up until about the last 4 or so, and even then randomness is king. In some case no matter what you pick you die when your opponent gets it first. I'm not sure how to fix this... Maybe adding a larger number that counts down, and is effected by what people pick.
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