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I see your reasonaning, and on paper the 2 attribute systems probably go well together and probably also in practice.

However visually/cosmetically I dont think it does that well, it seems a bit messy and overcomplex. Having half the attributes in your Hero bar and half on the Multboard that is.

Durability, this will increase armor by +1?
So armor will gain +1 in your Hero bar and Durability on the multiboard will gain +1? Why both? (Assuming they do)

The Way id have it:

Strength > Critical
Agility > Block
Intelligence > Resistance (or Immunity, whichever you prefer)

Now all your stats can go nice and NEATLY all together on the multiboard, and also can be learned via ONE Attribute System

So you can Learn (Reordered a bit)
- Strength
- Endurace
- Agility
- SKill
- Alacrity
- Intelligence
- Wisdom
- Concentration

You dont just naturally gain a few points in the default war3 ones, and choose out of the 5, there alltogether as one.

Anyways I know you wont change the systems now, but just my thoughts.


Another suggestion, to keep the war3 theme, perhaps have a 3rd column, for bonuses in green.


Just like all normal attributes, damage, armor etc. have.
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