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Thanks for testing it and providing feedback all! Hopefully my super response isn't too daunting to read, I just addressed everyone's concerns and suggestions. (Which I appreciate!)

wasn't real sure how many I had, so I just kept clicking different ones
Your lumber is how many you have, I just haven't imported the icon to show that yet. I also don't think I've changed the interface yet to tell you that lumber is attributes.

before I knew, since i did not chase the Kobold with the key, about a dozen other Kobolds found and attacked me, I managed to take out about 5 before I died
I even noted that single player is incredibly difficult because each hero type serves a role that complements the others. Because of this, the heroes without ANY other heroes seem to lack in certain departments. The paladin is cool in that he can heal himself and still deal some attack damage, but trust me when I say that he is not going to kill a 10-unit squad of enemies. He just cannot. Now if you had a Sorceress as your second person's character, you can beat the first level if you are good at dancing around and at the same time hunting the target.

then I never revived....
When you die, it creates a ghost of yourself where you died and selects it for you. The mana of your ghost starts at 0 and regenerates to 100. At 100 mana, you can cast an ability on the ghost that revives your hero. This is how revives work in the map. Technically you will eventually (When I add it) lose once all heroes are dead at any given time. But for now, you can still get it working even if everyone dies.

Then we tried again with the same heroes, and we beat it sort of easily. We just stood in the middle and I spammed heal on him and he blizzarded whenever the kobold with the key came back. If he wasn't dying then I just whacked things.
You need to consider that this in essence a team game. Beating it with fewer people is of course possible, because the game adjusts to player count. However you need to realize that this is level 1 of 10, this is the level where you get to learn the way the map works, so it's naturally going to be the easiest level. Now I don't believe in watered down tutorials, so you can still die terribly in the first level, but of course it will progressively get more intense as the game progresses. (Notably only 1 level is coded so far)

I put all of my points into alacrity, because it was the only one that actually increased survivability.
Untrue, Endurance increases your life regeneration. Trust me when I say that life regeneration helps a hell of a lot. Also note that the Paladin's spells get better based on certain attributes. Putting all of your points into alacrity as a paladin would make your heal pretty damned weak. You need to consider these things. :p

EDIT: Oh also. I'm not quite sure what the sorc spells were, but the blizzard (which appeared to be her "ultimate" (or at least high level skill, if her make up is similar to the paladin)) really trumped anything else I saw her do, and I don't think I really noticed her other spells.
The Blizzard is a level 3 ability and costs a significant chunk of mana with a much longer cooldown than the other spells. Her other spells are just as awesome, but are much more spammable. Try playing one, you'll notice you need more than just Blizzard to do your best. You'll also notice how differently her skills synergize with what attributes she uses.

The basic healing move was several orders of magnitude better than the ultimate
This of course is debatable. In a 2 player game? Hell yeah healing is better. But consider that the game allows up to 8 players and that there's no limit to how many units are healed by it. This makes it far superior to the normal heal if you have 4 or so players. This is unavoidable when making AOE spells, and honestly perfectly reasonable. Shouldn't certain things be better or worse in different cases? Doesn't that make sense and make the game more thought-promoting?

I think you should remove Standard war3 attributes all together in a sense. Currently they just seem to conflict with each other.
You again forget that none of the attributes work like the ones in WC3. Intelligence increases damage, mana, and mana regeneration. Agility increases armor, attack speed, and damage. Strength increases life, life regeneration, and damage. (All depending on primary attribute) Those are all things that the attributes do not do. I also believe in embracing what WC3 gave us to use, so I will.

For instance, agi/str/int are all changeable using items, whereas your other attributes are not. Agi/str/int are also not capped, whereas your attributes are. However, the attributes allow you to modify all of the OTHER aspects of a hero that you'd want. Critical hit chance, critical hit multiplier, movement speed, and evasion. However also! The attributes provide bonuses to spell effectiveness. Every spell is based on your ranks in the associated attribute(s), whereas agi/str/int do not factor into those.

I sort of designed it to be 8 attributes, where 3 of them are the blizzard ones and 5 were the custom ones. Also, there are about 6 attributes that cannot be changed above 0 at the current point. (No items means no armor/weapon upgrades, and if you read the tooltips in the map you'll know how amazingly useful those are too)
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