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Here we go.

  • Beautiful terrain, and very playable.
  • Good model choice, the custom ones I mean, they all fit very well with the style of the Warcraft standard units and each other, making the armies as a whole feel that much more complete.
  • Interesting abilities on heroes.
  • Interesting concept.
  • Complex strategy is involved, and teamwork.
  • No visible bugs or spelling/grammatical errors.
  • Has my Trebuchet in it (^_^)

  • As I noticed early on, it's not the most new player friendly game. This might have been because I went against you and Anitarf both times, perhaps if it was equal newness on both sides, the game would have been more equal.
  • Teleport seemed too imbalanced, it allowed way too many problems on the Warlord side of the map when abused. I know this is the aim of the game, but to this extent it seemed unfair.
  • Lag. I don't know if it was just the host, which it most likely is, but both games had a lot of lag. I won't hold this against your approval, but it's something to look into, maybe memory leaks or something.

In conclusion, I approve this map. It is balanced (I saw both sides win just as easily), very easy on the eyes, and challenging. A very different game than one usually finds on

Even though I approve, please go back and look into any issues I have addressed, because the map can only be made even better.
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