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Default (6) Warlords

By Captain Griffen
  • Story:
    A kingdom lies broken. Leaderless, divided - weak. Hordes gather beyond the Heathen Wall, ready to strike. The Canith Empire has no desire to takes these lands, but the best chance of stopping the barbarian hordes is at the Wall. Imperial forces are dispatched, establishing a fort on the only pass though the wall in the area. Meanwhile, three warlords descend like vultures onto the striken lands. Only one may victor - but only if the barbarians are stopped.

  • Summary:
    - The three warlords gain spawns and gold from villages and towns. By taking over other towns they can become more powerful. They gain victory by defeating the other two warlords and the barbarians.
    - The barbarians start off in a strong defensive position, with a large number of towers, but penned in by the Wall and the Imperial fort. In order to win, they must break out and defeat the three warlords and destroy the other less well defended Imperial barracks. As time goes on, they become stronger and gain more income, meaning that if they are not dealt with then they eventually becoming overpowering and unbeatable.
    - The Imperials must defeat the barbarians to win. Their income is at a fixed level.
    - Each unit takes up upkeep, which equates to a reduction in gold income.

  • Features:
    - Fast paced combat, and generally a quick game.
    - Some thought and guile required for the warlords to win. If they decide to fight amongst themselves, they strengthen the hand of the barbarians. But if they decide to fight together against the barbarians, how can they know one won't hold back and backstab them?
    - The Imperial forces cannot takes towns, but could intervene into the warlord's struggle to ensure one person takes rapid dominance. Though if the other two realise the plan, it would be in their interest to unite.
    - Special buildings such as the blacksmith. Whichever warlord controls the blacksmith gains +1 damage to any units trained.
    - Rebuildable towers, though they cannot be rebuild during combat easily, and only on designated and pre-selected areas.
    - Barbarians can portal to anywhere on the map, enabling them to turn the tide by sneak attacks or attacking from multiple locations.

Change Log

Version 0.1 - Released 9/1/2007

> First release. Turned out to have a serious CTD bug in the ally/de-ally triggers.

Version 0.1a - Released 10/1/2007

> Few minor changes.
> Reduced barb starting income from 36 to 24, but increased rate of growth. Growth is now eternal, but halves after reaching 12 extra gold.
> Warlord rally points now work.
> Optimised and squished the MDXs. Saved ~200kb.

Version 0.1b - Tested 11/1/2007

> Numerous balance changes.

Version 0.1c - Released 11/1/2007

> Assorted balance changes, most significant making barbarians stronger early game and weaker late game.

Version 0.1d - Tested 20/1/2007

> Assorted balance changes.

Version 0.1e - Tested 20/1/2007

> Assorted balance changes.

Version 0.1f-h - Tested

> Assorted balance changes.
> Fort made two tier.
> Special units added for barbarians and imperials.

Version 0.1i - Tested 29/1/2007

> Assorted balance changes - first fairly well balanced version.
> Warlord gold heavily reduced, more in line with desired.
> Income and upkeep display added.
> -Ally and -Peace both acceptable.

Version 0.1j - Released 29/1/2007

> Trebuchet attack speed buffed (7.5 to 6).
> Blood champion attack speed reduced (1.15 to 1.35).
> Teal starting units reduced.

Version 0.1.1-0.1.4 - Tested 20/4/2007 to 21/4/2007

> Various improvements and bug fixes.
> Special units added to warlords.
> Warlords spawning system changed to be based on buying rather than training.
> Archers added to Imperials and barbarians.
> Portal added to barbarian side.
> More villages.
> Imperials gain assassins.

Version 0.1.5 - Released 22/4/2007

> Adds in Rao Dao Zao's terrain.
> Increased portal range to whole map.
> Various economic changes.

Version 0.1.6 - Released 22/4/2007

> Fixed bug with Imperial AI being activated by red leaving.
> Returned barbarian warriors to pre-0.1.4 level (buffed).
> Reduced barbarian spawn rate.
> Reduced heavy cavalry damage.
> Various bug fixes.

Version 0.1.7 - Tested 23/4/2007

> Added new temple model by RDZ.
> Various changes.

Version 0.1.8 - Tested 23/4/2007

> Alterations to on-leave events (Warlords no longer give control).
> Alterations to unallying method; -unally added as syntax, and auto-unally on being unallied.
> Compressed some of the skins to save space.

Version 0.1.9 - Released 24/4/2007

> Ogres rebalanced - lower cost, but weaker.
> Temple area fixed.
> Tower models changed to Rao's (destroyed and foundations).
> Rebalanced warlords economy a bit - more base income, but less income from villages.
> Warlords got 8 base food.
> Remove Imperial and barbarian archers' upkeep costs.
> Added last two Elven special units for the warlords - High Guards and Moon Warriors.
> Documented 'Warlord Rumble' mode - just add computer to Imperial slot, and close the barbarian slots.

Version 0.1.9a - Tested 24/4/2007

> Reduced strength of Elven healing.
> Raised Elven units' prices.
> Various changes.

Version 0.1.9b - Released 25/4/2007

> Changed food per village held to 2, from 4.
> Changed WL income formula (fixed incorrectly high income).
> Elven Revive ability no longer works on special units (those that cost food).
> Income interval for warlords raised from 30 to 40 seconds.
> Restore (heal) ability on CP changed to Defender's Honour (buff).

Version 0.1.9c - Released 25/4/2007

> Ogre attack versus buildings fixed.
> Blood champion attack speed reduced from 1.35 to 1.55.
> Barbarian income interval raised from 27.5 to 35.
> Various fixes.

Version 0.1.9d - Tested 26/4/2007

> Few messages changed or fixed.
> Victory conditions for barbarians fixed (didn't have to kill Imperial bases if Warlords left).
> Nerfed spirit warriors.
> Reduced barbarian base income to 35, from 54, and considerably increased their income growth rate.
> Reduced barbarian income interval from 35 to 30.

Version 0.1.9e - Tested 26/4/2007

> Ogres nerfed, to bring them in line with reduced cost.
> Ogres excessive attack versus buildings reduced.
> Elven units cost reduced in line with other units.
> Legionaries buffed, particularly with their health (35 to 45).
> Portal mana cost upped from 120 to 180 again, and 10 second casting time added.

Version 0.1.9f - Tested 28/4/2007

> Spirit warrior attack from armour piercing to normal.
> Added Rao's elemental model.
> Put warlords into different forces on start screen.
> Legionary hp back down to 40.
> Teleportations nodes added to portaling that must survive 8 seconds, but portal time up to 15.
> Added a few special units to neutral hostile.

Version 0.1.9g - Tested 28/4/2007

> Warlord special units made to have 3 upkeep cost.
> Reduced speed on balistas.
> Changed optimiser options, saving around 80kb.

Version 0.1.9h - Tested 28/4/2007

> Warlords now die after 60 seconds of not holding a village.
> Siege engineer tooltip updated.
> Fixed multiple error messages being displayed.
> Control point regeneration rate doubled, but they now go to 550hp when taken over.
> Fort made into a no-porting zone, where Barbarians cannot teleport into.
> Legionary restock interval up from 5 seconds to 9 seconds.

Version 0.1.9i - Tested 30/4/2007

> Restore returned to CPs, now with 2 second cooldown.
> Fixed bug with Warlords losing all villages not being detected.

Version 0.1.9j - Tested 30/4/2007

> Upkeep of 4 added to ogres.
> Added corruption display.
> Fixed a few things in quests (images and updates).
> Clarified barbarian warrior tooltip.
> Shadowmeld instances replaced with hide for UI reasons.
> Teleportation node models changed to proper model.
> Arcane breach very much toned down.

Version 0.1.9k - Submitted 30/4/2007

> Restore location fixed.
> Restore cooldown removed, but the efficiency reduced to 0.4.
> Messages for defeated warlord players fixed.
> Made damaged control points revert to 550 health.

Version 0.1.9l - Submitted 1/5/2007

> Fixed memory leak in portaling.
> Fixed portal error for areas that aren't pathable.
> Made portal errors display to ally when the portaling player leaves.
> Fixed portal to use location of the teleportation node, rather than the casting.
> Nerfed Nature's Retribution.
> Fixed several tooltips, especially spearman tooltip.
> Changed messages at start; moved background to quests.
> Added About section to quests.
> Changed quest strings to be correct for information.
> Changed to loading screen with basic info.
> First Imperial trebuchet cost up to 6, from 0.
> Monk's heal range increased and cooldown reduced.
> Revive cooldown and mana cost down.
> Fixed Restore (was healing too efficiently, due to weird Blizzard labeling).
> Ability tooltips changed to have short, non-necessary messages on them.

Version 0.1.9m - Submitted 1/5/2007

> Fixed tower ownership switching and resetting of spawns on capture of control points.
> Fixed slowing effect of Battle Cry.
> Removed mana from Elven soldiers.
> Fixed level requirements for store/release energy.

Version 0.1.9n - Submitted 5/5/2007

> Villages made to display icon on minimap.
> Mana cost of Imbue Strength and Rage of the Beast down to 10 from 15.
> Total mana of Imperial mages down from 75 to 60.
> Imperial mage cost up from 20 to 25, in line with others.
> Cooldown removed from Arcane Breach, and initial damage/stun/AoE increased.
> Arcane Elemental attack speed decreased.
> Slight buffs to Imperial Champions.
> Inventory Slots removed from heroes.
> Foundations reduced in health to 50.
> Foundations made immune to Nature's Retribution by giving them spell immunity.
> Made clear in Nature's Retribution tooltip that it can be used against towers.
> Imperial income rebalanced. 1.8/second at 0 upkeep, 0.9/second at 30 upkeep.
> Gave towers an aura increasing the armour of nearby control points.
> Made towers be destroyed on the capture of the control point.
> Removed Legionaries on death of Imperial bases.
> Updated credits to credit the usage of Grimoire and JASSHelper.
> Nerfed Heavy Cavalry slightly in attack and armour, as well as health regeneration.
> Restore ability of Control Points replaced with fixed value heal.
> Warrior growth rate changed.
> Few minor changes to texts.
> Imperial Champion model changed to new model by Rao Dao Zao.
> Fire Pots ability added to Trebuchets (current version will be replaced by triggered version later).
> Reduced Trebuchet pathing area with respect to other buildings.
> Reduced Trebuchet and Balista upkeep costs.
> Legionary replenishment rate slightly reduced.

Version 0.1.9o - Never Existed

> Somehow I skipped this one.

Version 0.1.9p - Submitted 6/5/2007

> Nerfed teleportation node hp.
> Hero attack text => Armour Piercing fix.
> Fire pot ability removed until triggered.
> All control points are now displayed on the minimap.
> Dwarven village added.
> General rebalancing of Warlord units in small changes.
> Assassins removed.
> Imperial starting units reduced.
> Removed now unneeded ExecuteFunc calls, allowing removal of unused functions by optimiser.
> Reduced Barbarian income interval from 30 to 27.5 seconds.

Version 0.1.9q - Submitted 10/5/2007

> Cut warlord income interval from 40 to 17.5.
> Cut Imperial income interval from 33 to 27.5.
> Cut barbarian income interval from 27.5 to 20.
> Increased warlord corruption rate to 20% from 15% (now same as others).
> Teal given extra starting village.
> Doubled warlord unit stock cap (special and normal).
> Only one dwarven tower spot for the Eastern dwarven base.
> Dwarven abilities fixed.
> Warlord special unit HP reduced.
> Dwarven Noble attack speed increased slightly, and AoE damage increased.
> Elven Cavalry health increased from 30 to 35.
> Another Dwarven village added in the west.
> Added 'Defensive Advantage' to CPs, giving bonus armour to nearby units.
> Made Imperial towers leave foundations on death.

Version 0.1.9r - Released Sometime

> Changes documented somewhere.

Version 0.1.9s - Tested Sometime

> Rebalanced barbarian gold; buff in early game, nerf in late game.
> Every two minutes (When barbarian growth now occurs), it is announced.
> Made temple visible for Imperials and barbarians at all times.
> Reduced Imperial income, but and also slightly reduced their income interval.
> Reduced finishing health of barbarian warriors to 45, from 50.
> Reduced Imperial mage and shaman mana regeneration, and the cost of their autocast spells.
> Stopped trebuchets being built in the Imperial fort.
> Fixed bug with mana not being refunded for disallowed portal attempts.
> Fixed bug where towers could be permamently destroyed.
> Made a message to display when players are hoarding gold, warning them it isn't clever.
> Buffed Defender's Honour's stats and duration.
> Buffed cavalry slightly.
> Gave barb heroes an extra name, so they aren't both called Ke'nac.
> Opened up the entrance to the Imperial fort a bit.
> Added a new entrance to the Imperial fort.
> Buffed wooden towers a bit in hp and armour.
> Buffed trebuchet damage and AoE.
> Added music on defeat/victory.
> Various fixes, such as some tooltips being clarified.
> Added in basic AI to Imperials on leaving.
> Imperial forces can now be controlled by the warlords, via, basic commands upon dropping.
> Individial icons for each unit (no player can control two units with the same icon).
> Some icons fixed to use proper passive icons (Leadership and Imperial Tactics abilities).
> Changed normal guard tower at rear Imperial base to Imperial tower.
> Upped cavalry move speeds.
> Charge! replaced with Void Fire.
> Fixed some rather odd voice sets.
> Fixed all warlord special unit stock times to 45 (from between 20 and 60).

Version 0.1.9t - Released 13/6/2007

> Fixed bug where AI for Imperials would only occur if the player dropped, rather than if not playing.
> Legionary attack reduced from 1d16 + 3 to 1d14 + 2.
> Reset rally point on capture of control point.
> Fixed a bug whereby the wrong music was played for the victorious warlord.

Version 0.1.9u - Released 14/6/2007

> Fixed a bug where on control points going neutral, the tower would not switch to neutral.
> Fixed a bug where control points going neutral wouldn't set off the evaluation for victory.
> Fixed a bug where the Imperial AI would not activate on the player leaving.
> Buffed void fire (doubled damage per hit).
> Cut restock interval for Legionaries from 10 to 6 seconds.

Version 0.1.9v - Released 17/6/2007

> Fixed bug where taking a single town as warlords would give victory if barbs defeated/not playing.

Version 0.1.9w - Released 15/7/2007

> Basic anti-map hack, without damaging replays.
> Slight nerf to Imperial income interval (25 to 27.5).
> Warlord slots that do not have a warlord in to begin lose their towers and units go neutral hostile.
> Nerf Imperial AI cheating.
> Make Imperial AI deactivate when only one warlord left.
> Slight nerf to Teal's starting units.
> Change to victory conditions; when warlords leave, they are counted as defeated.
> Fixed bug with spawn point of rear Imperial base during AI.
> Replays now display all players' economic info.
> Various fixes.

Version 0.1.9x - Released 24/7/2007; placed for download 24/9/2007

> Made warlord special units cost 20, down from 25.
> Allowed observers to see player state (left or not) and economic data.
> Stopped trebuchets in fort.
> Change Elven ultimate to Energy Blade, and made Restore a normal ability.
> Own income display re-established after full control given.
> Fix broken credits (cut off at the top).
> Void Fire damage interval raised from 0.15 to 0.21.
> Fixed Discharge ability.
> Fixed replays to function correctly again.
> Made Imperials get control over WLs when all WLs have quit/been defeated.
> Totals for each of the economy stats shown in observer or replay mode.
> Armour piercing nerfed against medium and heavy armour slightly.
> Fixed error with Imperials 'leaving' according to messages.
> Removed some unnecessary start messages, and lengthened time between the others.
> Fix not winning when player quits (WL).

Version 0.1.9y - Tested 6/10/2007

> Added in GUI hero for diplomacy.
> Added in pings for villages for Warlords.

Version 0.1.9z - Tested 9/10/2007

> Fix pinging to be the correct colour.
> Pings now occur on control points changing hands.
> Removed direct control being give over Warlords or Imperials upon leaving due to issues.
> Nerfed High Guard regeneration from 2 to 1.5.
> Warlord vision of uncontrolled points up to 100.

Version Delta Test 1 - Tested 9/10/2007

> Made Command Cards not take up XP.
> Control point pings to observers as well
> Made Imperials/WLs who have left ally any WL/Imperial who tries to ally.
> Imperials actually now don't go under WL direct command ever (bug fix).

Version Delta Test 2 - Released 9/10/2007

> Made barbs unable to declare peace with each other (which had had the impact of destroying their control-giving alliance).
> Made rallying work correctly to units and destructables.

Version Delta Test 3 - Released 11/10/2007

> Barbarians and Imperials can no longer ally.
> Disabled unnecessary abilities for each player's command card.
> Fixed AI issues occurring when Imperial slot was empty.
> Made player names coloured in messages.

Version Delta Test 4 - Released 11/10/2007

> Changed auto-ping to every fourth turn, and added an ability on the command card to ping all control points.

Version Delta Test 5 - Released 10/12/2007

> Fixed bug with Warlord income being incorrectly evaluated.

Version Delta Test 6 - Tested 6/3/2008

> Made Command Card no longer show health or mana.
> Changed Command Card name to Embassy/Ambassador.
> Changed auto ping to every other round.
> If vision on defeat, barbarians become observers (once both defeated), and Imps/Warlords get vision of all other Imps/Warlords.
> Removed barb warrior growth in strength. Now starts off at full strength.
> Increased Ogre attack speed versus units from 2 second cooldown to 1.75 seconds.

Version Delta Test 7 - Tested 8/3/2008

> Made Imperials gain vision after victory.
> Implemented spam protection (diplomacy, or also imp commands?)
> Made no message appear if an Imperial tower falls after the fort itself.
> Barb victory when killing imp base is double announced.
> Nerfed Legionary health regen from 1.75 to 0.9.
> Nerfed Imperial Mage mana regen from 0.67 to 0.5.
> Nerfed Shaman mana regen from 0.5 to 0.4.
> Fixed food cost for bolt.
> Disabled stone towers for barbarians.
> Implemented different supply rates. Fast speed results in normal rates, normal speed is fast, and slow is slow (this is so that the default is normal spawns).
> Removed some units from north west part of the Cathedral section.
> Fixed bug where Brown would be allied by any Warlord player that had left, should Brown offer peace.
> Fixed bug where Revive brought back 1/2/3 units rather than the stated, and correct, 1/1/1 units.
> Fixed mistake in the quest information; "spawn" command, not "target".
> Now gives message with warlord orders to Imperials, even when only one warlord (as a confirmation it has been received).

Version Delta Test 8 - Tested 9/3/2008

> Increased the coefficient for village gold income from 0.5 to 0.75.
> Increased ogre damage versus units from 6+1d26 to 14+3d8.
> Changed ogre unit AoE from 55/80/105 to 0/100/100.
> Increased ogre unit attack cooldown from 1.75 to 1.9.
> Increased imbue strength mana cost up to 8 mana from 5 and reduced damage increase from 25% to 20%.
> Removed arcane breach from Shaman and Imperial Mage.
> Made message about retaking the temple more cautious.
> Reduced barbarian warrior collision size from 20 to 18, blood champion from 28 to 24, ogre from 32 to 28, and spirit warrior from 20 to 19.
> Changed portal ability to summon demon, anywhere on the map, with mana cost 180.
> Changed portal to be called Demon Gateway, with 180 (from 240) max mana and 1 mana regen.
> Added dimensionalist with dimensional rift and blink. > Changed crossbow warrior to being trained, rather than hired.
> Reduced cost of Shamans, Imperial Mages and Legionary Champions to 20 from 25.
> Fixed bug where camera would not be set properly back to the start positions for Imperials and Barbs.

Version Delta Test 9 - Tested 10/3/2008

> Removed oranged start point.
> Gave dimensionalists, shamans and ogres the disband ability.
> Increased mana cost of Summon Demon to 240.
> Changed the name of Summon Demon to Call Demon, and changed the name of Infernal to Hellbeast.
> Reduced the Trebuchet upkeep from 14 to 10, and reduced build time from 60 seconds to 30.
> Reduced the cost of ballista from 35 to 25, upkeep from 9 to 6, and build time from 45 to 20.
> Disabled knockback on ballista bolts.

Version Delta Test 10 - Tested 13/3/2008

> Reduced warlord gold coefficient to 0.65 from 0.75.
> Stopped neutral hostile from calling in demons after the barbarians are defeated.
> Fixed incorrect tooltip on siege.
> Included warnings about Barbs being able to portal.

Version Delta Test 11 - Tested 14/3/2008

> Removed Trebuchet that Red incorrectly started with.
> Fixed bug where it displayed that Red had been defeated for whichever Warlord died.
> Cut the minimum delay between Imperial Commands to a single wait of 0.

Version Delta Test 12 - Released 19/3/2008

> Increased Dimensional Rift units to 12.
> Updated mages and shaman tooltips to remove references to Arcane Breach.
> Added Disband to Imperial Mages.
> Introduced 1 second cooldown on all GUI abilities.
> Reduced tolerances on the spam filter.
> Applied spam check to imperial commands, so long as the number of Warlords is greater than 1.

Version Delta Test 13 - Released 25/6/2008

> Warlords declare peace on leaving, if the game is not over and barbs are still alive.
> Dimensional Rift replaced with Create Link.
> Removed timers and budget after losing.
> Spirit Warrior attack changed back to armour piercing, from normal.
> Increased Ogre attack cooldown from 1.9 to 2.2.
> Immolation changed to Demon Flames, reduced damage per second from 2 to 1.
> Stun duration of Call Demon reduced from 2/4 to 1.5/3.
> Warlords ally or war with barbarians as a whole, not one or the other.
> Fixed a bug in Void Fire that could cause timings to be off.
> Fixed Void Fire's learning hotkey, and the projectile launch height.

Version Delta Test 14 - Released 3/7/2008

> Updated script for replay detection to not require syncing.
> The Imperials are forced to retreat if the fort is down, the Warlords defeated, and both Barbarian bases intact.
> Added SimError for incorrect Create Link casts.
> Fixed bug where Imperials would get vision of losing Warlords after everyone had won.
> Fixed some grammar errors in messages.
> Updated some outdated hint messages.

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