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Approved Map: NOTD Aftermath

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The chaos is a compliment and an intended feeling for new players. This may work both ways and generally a detrimental for many Bnet players whose average tolerance for immediate results or lack of immediate clarity is low. The people who stay are often willing to endure a little discipline and either learn from hard earned experience or other veterans. This is a general phenomena in all combat fields, where untested boots generally react without sufficient combat discipline and especially in Vietnam where replacements are made by individual soldiers rather than units,platoons or companies, become an increasing liability to the veterans.

Citing the examples in Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden, fresh and untested Rangers often balked in their first engagement and some lost unit integrity and chose to follow the D-Boys for safety rather than listen to their unit commander, as Captain Steele notes. Faced with the same chaos, the D-Boys were able to maneuver and coordinate in the same battlefield without distress and filtered the tide of information and threats, acting with quick precision and efficiency.

As you gradually gain more experience, the same 'linear mission' begins to look different. What was once chaos will eventually be replaced with thoughtful and purposeful actions, every position, every side-step, every assist. Through muscle memory and experience, the same game plays out differently and as you notice this, you start to understand a little about how the transition from untested boot to season veteran takes place. This is just a simulation and will never replicate a real-life experience, but it gives players the general concept and a small appreciation for it.

Nevertheless, your points about making it more accessible to new players are still being worked on everyday.Aftermath is not a game in itself. I intend it to be an educational journey and to shed some insights about military life, especially the USMC. This aspect requires a lot of research and background work, which I undertake as a personal journey of learning. Balancing both perspectives are vital and this will get better each and everyday as I receive more critical and insightful responses. Some former military types had given me some feedback and encouragement, but I hope that general players would also benefit from this game.


Fulla, your concern is noted. One solution to having a public game would be to use -training mode. This is not documented as it was intended to be phased out. All marines gain around 2.5k HP and you can show the public players the ropes of the game with a lot of leeway. There will be no experience gain during this mode, except on final completion of Chapter 1.

The blending of terrain, Marines and Zulus are also an intentional combat experience, that over time you will begin to master. Some players function better with Night Vision Goggles, but may make it harder to distinguish friendlies. Units are all intentionally small to make specific unit targetting a direct effort. This definately has drawbacks and I am constantly getting feedback about this.
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