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Perhaps I am just not a fan of the genre. My main problem with the map is that the gameplay seems chaotic. The camera is incredibly zoomed out, I understand it has to be, since the marines have such high range, but that doesn't excuse the fact that you can see very little on it. Players and enemies are very small and very fast, and enemies die extremely fast, making any kind of battlefield control impossible. All it comes down to is you must have as much vision and as much concentrated firepower possible.

I can appreciate the team element, players having to stick together, keeping each other in eye contact, sharing critical equipment like healing, moving as a group,... But there are maps out there that have a team element as well as interesting gameplay on a single player level. Here, you just hold your ground and the game plays itself, the only thing that seems challenging is avoiding some immobilization effect; however, I haven't been able to even indentify what caused it, due to the chaotic nature of the game, it just happened and I was eaten by a fel hound that I've easily killed dozens of before that.

The map may very well be the best of it's genre, but how does that help me as a player not familiar with that genre. The game just didn't give me the feedback that I needed to play it. I think the same for all the maze/escape maps I tried so far, so maybe genres like these are simply not for me; although I think I could enjoy playing such a map if the gameplay weren't so hectic.
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