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Good map, but some things>
I assume its still in earlish stages

- Heroes repsawn to quickly, I was slaughtering them and they were back in mere seconds :-(
- Needs more items after about 5-10 mins playing I had to much gold
- Need more upgrades just as above in the end I couldnt spend my gold
- Items need a smaller cooldown, e.g. a res scroll is quite pointless unless I can to buy a stack of them
- No fountain of healing at base? I was microing all my injured units back to base but they couldnt heal=(

- Id recommend giving units some autocast abilities that can be researched. Like the arachnids the ability that makes dieing units turn into mini spdiers.
- Perhaps adding some tiers, like evolving units into a bigger stronger unit.
- Add one extra ability to each hero

Also I recommend
- Adding buildable buildings, such as towers. Giving the match some strategy in a team building up defences
- Perhaps capability to build more spawning buildings maybe with new units?
- Perhaps Walls/defence towers, traps like the Arachnid race could build an invisible ditch with a mouth that gobbles units that fall into it. *shrugs*
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